Monologue of Happiness By Shoji Minami

I found mysterious power in the nature on Jun 6th, 2006.  If I put my thoughts to the power, people become healthy instantly.  The power exist in such as  atmosphere→water→food→natural environment→gravity→solar power→ocean→the earth→and universe.

The power gives life to all living things.  The power is everything for entire living animals on the earth.  I figured out if I use the power, there are great results come with it instantly.  I also know that not only me but also any human beings can use the power. 

Monologue of Happiness,

Everyone becomes happy by using the power of nature.

All people are happy.  Happiness starts before the birth.  And, you are happy after the birth.  You are happy even after the death.

You are happy anytime.  There is no moment to be unhappy.  If you feel unhappy, it's just because your happiness is on its way.

You decide when you are happy.  And, people never be unhappy, so if you decide the moment you have now is happy, you can only be happy.

If there is someone who thinks he or she is unhappy, I want to meet the person.  And, I will suppose the person is simply not ready to make a decision to be happy because all people should be always happy.

 People come into the world to be happy.  There is no such a word like unhappy in human life.  If you feel like you are not happy, that means your happiness hasn't come yet, so if you decide that you are happy at this moment, you never be unhappy. 

If seven-hundred-million people in the world decide that they are happy, they instantly become happy.  Just like this, if you decide that you are happy and enjoy your life, you will be happy every day, and everything happens to you will be something good.   100% of things around you happen by your own good, and they never be caused by others.  So, believe yourself, decide your life to be happy, and enjoy. 

If you are not happy yet, there is another way.  I will continue to update how to be happy on this blog.

To be happy, you need to know the most important thing in life.
100% of the world is must for people and all other living things.  100% of the world is composed by 1% of the world and 99% of the world.  Most people believe only the 1% of the world is everything.  However, there is another 99% of the world.
People who only see 1% of the world cannot be truly happy.    But, if they know whole 100% of the world, they can only be happy.
Actually, if the world is only composed by 1% of the world which you all know, the nature doesn't even exist.  Because there is 100 % of the world, we can all receive happy results like a healthy body without diseases or pains.
To be happy, knowing 100 % of the world and living entire your life with all effort is essential.

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